Human Resources

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We Have A Partnership With You
The people behind us and our employees who believe in us are quite a bit bigger than we can write to our successes. Because we know that your desire, our experience has a harmonious partnership. We are joining forces to see that we’re doing better together.

Our Employees Escrow
The health and safety of our employees come first in KOMPLUS. It is our responsibility to protect them without any exceptions and to improve their conditions. We are aware that the working environment is the first for our employee. Therefore, we work to improve our conditions every day.

Our Faith in Team Work
The product we produce is the work of perfect team work. There is a force that we pursue with our employees who pursue the new, strive for the better every day and produce solutions without giving up in any case. Here we continue to work with the inspiration we receive from this power every day, and we are building even greater happiness together.

The world’s and Turkey’s most respected Bath, Plumbing and one of the PPRC to work in the company and every success in your work and your own, you will see that we have gained power. Welcome to us now.

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