About Us

Komplus Hakkımızda

KOMPLUS is a brand that has been used in every corner of our country with its production in compliance with the standards.
We have no doubt that the energy and inspiration we receive from our valued customers will lead us to our goal of maximum quality.

In the changing world, we aim to deliver high quality, innovative products to more customers in the world with sustainable growth.

Respect for environmental and community values; To produce PPRC and its fittings with high quality and reasonable prices by using advanced technology, to provide sustainable customer satisfaction with innovative and competitive approach.

Customer is our Priority.
In our management approach, we always make decisions based on customer requirements and expectations. We work to create added value for our customers. We are in constant communication with our customers and act with the principle of win-win.
We Support Continuous Improvement.
In a rapidly changing world, we always try to catch up with innovations and continuous improvement with our continuous learning and developing employees.
Being the best in quality.
We try to make the best of our business. Continuous knowledge and self-renewing employees, always with the best technical information and hardware to produce the highest quality of the best.
We make the difference by offering the best service to our customers.
We are competitive.
We are assertive in our field of activity. With our fast and dynamic structure, we always offer the best to our customers..